Top Priority


 Coastal Maine Vacations represents a choice selection of homes believing that personality, character, unique amenities, great things to do, fantastic views, and ideal locations are the key to optimizing a vacation experience.

Our homes are located in Maine’s most enjoyable locations and have distinctive design from Coastal Contemporary to Seaside Cottages. We have Oceanfront Homes and Cozy Lakefront Cabins with gardens, woods and trails to explore.  There are dramatic views… the world’s best lobster, quaint towns to discover, sunset sailboat cruises and clam bakes.

Our approach gives our guest a unique selection of experiences to choose from while knowing exactly what to expect in terms of quality, comfort, and FUN when staying at a Coastal Maine Vacation home. 

BUT all the charm in the world would fall flat, if the home was not offered in a completely CLEAN CONDITION. We know this. It is our TOP PRIORITY. We realize housekeeping is the most important link in the delivery of a quality experience to our guest. With that in mind, we partner with seasoned, professional housekeepers who are experts when it comes to meticulous cleaning practices, particularly when it comes to vacation rental housekeeping. 

The KEY to our Success is to follow a  48 Point Checklist. Every. Time. This checklist and routine guarantee that each room and often overlooked spots are cleaned in a systematic way.

Guidelines for Cleaning A Vacation Home During COVID – 19


  • We based a Superior and Safe Cleaning Plan based on recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Organization (WHO)
  • Once the home is thoroughly cleaned, we treat both the hard and soft surfaces throughout the home with a hospital-grade, EPA-approved disinfectant. While disinfecting, we ask housekeepers to pay special attention to high-touch surfaces, including doorknobs (inside and out), electronic lock panels, stair railings, light switches, remote controls, arms of chairs, refrigerator door handles, sliding door handles, toilets, faucets and knobs, clothes hangers, touch screens, and play sets/toys, among other things. 
  • Housekeepers continue to use standard cleaning products that are non-toxic and environmentally friendly, in combination with the EPA-approved disinfectant. 

housekeeping checklist


 Before every guest stay, homes are cleaned and reset. Coastal Maine Vacations uses a systematic method to ensure that every part of the home is guest-ready. As part of this process:

· Interior of the home is cleared of any items left behind by previous guests, and all surfaces are wiped clean.

· Hard-surface floors are swept clear of debris and mopped. Carpets and area rugs are vacuumed.

· Sheets are freshly laundered and placed on beds.

· Towels are freshly laundered and placed in bathrooms and kitchens.

· All dishes and utensils are cleaned and the dishwasher is left empty.

· Refrigerator, freezer, oven, stovetop, microwave, and coffee maker are cleaned.

· Dining table and chairs are wiped down and all drawers are clean and organized.

· Showers, bathtubs, and toilets are thoroughly cleaned.

· All trash cans are emptied and provided with a fresh liner.

· BBQ grill (if available) is cleaned and the propane tank filled.

· Exterior grounds are cleared, and outdoor chairs and tables are wiped down.